Wedding Day

So, what actually happens on a wedding day ?

If you haven’t been behind the scenes of a wedding recently, let us help you.Wedding_Details-5

For a one o clock wedding, we will get to your house or hotel by eleven o clock. That gives us time to photograph your dress, shoes, flowers, etc while you get hair and make-up. It’s a good idea if the Bridesmaids get ready before the Bride, so when you are being photographed, the  bridesmaids look the part. We will remind you to keep breathing !

Before leaving for the church, we will take photographs of family members and any friends that have wandered in for a look ! Again, keep breathing !

We try to be at the church a half hour before you arrive. This is to photograph the Groom, Bestman and any Groomsmen. We also check with the musicians and singers so they are waiting for your arrival.

As you arrive, all hell breaks loose !  Since we have seen many weddings, let us direct the action. We will help arrange you before you enter the church, then go ahead to cue the music. Once you begin walking up the aisle, forget about us, you’ll have plenty on your mind !
Remember to walk slowly up the aisle, it’s not a race and everyone wants to see you. Slow down, slow looks elegant and keep breathing !

Your beloved should be waiting for you ! Then the priest takes over to perform the ceremony. We will be moving around shooting from all angles, covering as much as we possibly can.

After the wedding mass, I’ll photograph you signing the registry, then a few photographs at the altar. Then I set you up for your walk down the aisle. Again, take your time, everyone has come to see you and wish you well, so give them a chance !

We can do a big group shot either in the church or outside, depending on the location and the weather. After you have shook everyone’s hand and kissed people you barely know, we can get family pictures easily done before they leave for the bar !

Now the fun begins. You can relax and together we’ll produce some great images of you and your new husband and  the bridal party. Usually, we can go to a scenic location, a lake, mountain or beach before the hotel. Obviously, this depends on where you are getting married but we can do a lot with limited resources. We have done some of our best work when our backs are to the wall ! Smiles make for great pictures.

Once at the hotel, take a break and another drink. When you’re ready, we can get some cake shots and a few more cosy shots of just the two of you alone.

A great idea is to get a group of friends together, his and hers, it makes a fabulous double page spread in the album.

Remember, we are there to photograph your day as it unfolds, so feel free to tell us exactly what you want. It’s especially important to get some photographs of any older family members, time passes so quickly !

Some couples give us a detailed list of all the photographs they wish to have, other couples leave it entirely to us.Wedding_Details-9

Remember, it’s your day, so it’s an opportunity to do it your own, fun way.

Call us and we’ll see what we can do together.

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